Welcome to

Clark County Veterans Assistance Center


The Clark County Veterans Assistance Centers (CCVAC) mission is to provide a welcoming and safe environment with the goal of assisting veterans and their families in obtaining benefits, services and resources to meet their basic needs. CCVAC strives to support the reintegration of veterans into the community.


To provide a continuum of care guided by a core set of values that serve as a catalyst to empower and enhance veterans abilities to support and care for themselves and their families.


The challenges that veterans face as they transition from military service to civilian life include:  unemployment, health and family issues, transportation, homelessness and basic services.

The CCVAC is operated by a cadre of trained, caring veterans and community volunteers who provide a listening ear in a welcoming, safe, confidential, and informal environment.  The center builds positive and productive relationships with veterans, assisting with their reintegration into our community, while improving the quality of life of veterans and their families.


The center is staffed with trained service officers from the DAV (Disabled American Veterans), VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America), American Legion and SOAR (Social Security Claims help) who can assist veterans in filing their claim for benefits. In addition to this service, the Center has representatives from the Human Service Council who can provide additional resources to veterans in need.

The Center works to provide the veteran and their family with a wide range of service providers in our community. Along with veteran claims, our dedicated volunteer staff and service providers can help veterans and their families with:

  • Employment services
  • Transportation programs
  • Heath care services
  • Mental health care programs
  • Faith-based service partners
  • Food banks, clothing and housing

Call or drop by the center to speak to a representative to find out what services you may be eligible for.